Board of Recommendations

1. Drs. J.F.M.A. de Beer 2. Drs. D.A. Benschop
Vice President, DSM Nederland President & CEO
Managing Director, Chemelot Royal Schiphol Group
3. Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski 4. Prof. P.L.H. van den Bossche
CEO Director of Studies
Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. World Trade Institute
5. Drs. T.J.F.M. Bovens 6. J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer
  King’s Commissioner   Chairman Executive Board / CEO
Province of Limburg Heineken N.V.
7. Drs. A.S. Castelein 8. Prof. Dr. R.J.M. Dassen RA
  CEO   Executive Vice President & CFO
Port of Rotterdam ASML Holding N.V.
9. Dr. J.L.M. Fischer 10. Drs. M.I. Hamer
  CEO   President
Tata Steel Europe Ltd Social-Economic Council
11. A.M.C. Heijl 12. Drs. L.M.L.H.A. Hermans
  Deputy Director International Affairs   President
VNO-NCW & MKB Nederland Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
13. Ir. J.J. de Jong 14. Mr. Drs. B.J. Koopman
  President   Director
Philips Nederland evofenedex
15. Prof. Dr. R.M. Letschert 16. Ir. J.M.W.E. van Loon
  Rector Magnificus   President Director
Maastricht University Shell Nederland B.V.
17. B.J. Marttin MBA 18. Drs. P. Nientker MBA
  Member of Managing Board   Chairman
Rabobank   Electude International B.V.
19. Drs. H.A.A. Rademaker RBA  
  Chief Fiduciary Officer  
  APG Asset Management  

Board of Advisors

1. A.J.C. Assink 2. E. Bouma
Secretary Senior Project Manager
Export Sociëteit Limburg Netherlands Foreign Investmente Agency
3. T.I.D. Boonstra 4. H. de Brabander
Chairman Head Economic and Trade Department
Michael Page Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta
5. R. van den Heuvel 6. F. Janssen
  Consultant & Entrepreneur   Managing Director
Sprout Economics E&M ExportManagement B.V.
7. T. Opmeer 8. J. Opstroom
  Director International Programmes   Lawyer
Netherlands Enterprise Agency Florent
9. Prof. Dr. M. Paul 10. Mr. M. van der Pijl
  President   Practice Manager
Maastricht University ACSV Legal
11. P. Poskakukhin 12. Dr. G. Reerink LLM MA
  Associate Director   Chairman
Deloitte Vietnam Dutch Business Network
13. I. Rusly 14. A. Schoenmakers
  Business Development Analyst   Managing Director
JEC Eye Hospitals & Clinics S2dio B.V.
15. W. Schoustra 16. Mr. J. Vrancken Peeters
  Agricultural Counsellor for Vietnam and Thailand   President
Netherlands Embassy in Hanoi Netherlands-Vietnam Chambre of Commerce
17. Mr. B. van Wel    
  Managing Director    
  FrieslandCampina Vietnam    

Letters of Recommendation

“On behalf of the Maastricht University and with pleasure I wholeheartedly support the students who participate in Research Project Maastricht 2019/2020. The project testifies to the truly international orientation of our university, and our students. In addition, the company-specific research that the Research Project Maastricht will be conducting in Vietnam & Indonesia is a good example of our worldwide efforts to close the gap between research and business. Both aspects fill me with great pride.”

Prof. dr. M. Paul, President, Maastricht University


“In 2018 we have worked with two teams from Research Project Maastricht in India. Both teams have been working in challenging circumstances with regard to availability of data, strict timelines and maybe most important of all: the differences in working methods and culture between the Netherlands and India. The teams were able to adapt to this environment in a very flexible way without losing track of reaching the main goals. They were able to answer the agreed research questions on time and presented the results in a clear report. Port of Rotterdam could very well use the results in practice for further discussions with its stakeholders in India. Based on this experience we would definitely recommend other companies and organizations to work together with Research Project Maastricht.”

E.J.S. van Espen, Program Manager International Projects, Port of Rotterdam


“In 2016 the Research Project Maastricht conducted an investigation into the market for Saab safety and security applications in Hong Kong and Macau, focusing on the Gambling, Hospitality and Government areas. The end result was a well-balanced report on possible market opportunities, that gave a us a good focus for further business development activities. The team showed great perseverance and flexibility in arranging interviews with stake holders to get the information needed to make their comprehensive report. Despite some initial setbacks the team worked well and asked sufficient questions to make sure they stayed on track. A job well done.”

P. Van Vrijberghe de Coningh, Managing Director, Saab Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. 


“The Research Project Maastricht conducted an in-depth market research in Bac Ninh and Lam Dong Province in Vietnam in 2011. The research was carried out to facilitate a Vietnamese partner bank of ours in structuring its branch network as efficient, effective and client convenient as possible. In a challenging environment as Vietnam where basic market information isn’t readily available, RPM managed to receive all the required existing data as well as future development plans in the regions. This showed talent, determination as well as inventiveness of the team carrying out the survey. Combined with data from qualitative research, the team managed to deliver a very clear and concise final report which fully met the objectives of the research. Moreover, RPM has shared its research methodology with the bank, enabling the bank to continue similar research in other provinces.”

B. Schrijver, Senior Project Manager, Rabo Development


“On behalf of Tata Steel in Europe, I would like to recommend the work of the students of Research Project Maastricht, who conducted research for us in India during 2018. The assignment given was to identify the stakeholders, volume potential and possible partners for our concept to develop mobile canning facilities to tackle food waste. Throughout the entire project, RPM demonstrated their ability to work in a professional way, they were attentive to the original brief, showed eagerness to deliver good results and were flexible adapting to changing circumstances. The final presentation of the results, both in writing and as a presentation to Tata Steel was above expectations. Thank you RPM for your cooperation and the hard work you have done!”

S. Vooijs, Director Operations Packaging, Tata Steel Europe


“The Food Specialties Division of DSM has asked a team of students from Research Project Maastricht to conduct a market study in Vietnam in 2015 with the main goal to identify which opportunities the Vietnamese processed food market may offer for DSM and what the priority target areas are. The Research Team  has shown an excellent performance in analyzing data and interviewing relevant stakeholders in a relative complex area and country where it is not easy to get access to the right respondents. This has resulted  in a very comprehensive report with their findings and clear recommendations for DSM. In particular we appreciated their drive and commitment to complete this project whilst keeping the right balance between working independently but asking for direction and feedback at the moments when that was really needed.  In addition we have noticed high learning capabilities and communication skills which were extremely supportive to deliver high quality findings, relevant to the further development of our business.”

T. Stikkers, Former Director Strategy and Marketing, DSM Food Specialties